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Monday, October 10, 2011

Goi du du thai (Thai green papaya salad)

There is salad and there is papaya salad. This is without a doubt, my favourite salad of all time. The flavour is unbelievable and the texture amazing. There is nothing like it and once you have it, you'll be addicted. There are many variation of this salad, some are made with snake beans, and some with fermented crabs. They are all absolutely delicious! I have many Loatian friends and learnt how to make this from their mothers and aunties at family gathering. And let me tell you they like it hot, very hot! This is always the most requested salad whenever we have Bbq, I never seem to make it quick enough to keep up with demands.


2 handful green papaya, shredded
1/2 handful of carrots, shredded
6 cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters
2 birds eye chilli
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp shrimp paste
2 tbsp dried shrimp
1 tbsp fish sauce
juice of 1 lime
2 tbsp roasted peanuts


1. Add chilli, dried shrimp, shrimp paste with sugar to mortar and pound until chilli breaks apart.
2. Add the cherry tomatoes and pound a little more, then add lime juice and fish sauce.
3. Add the papaya with carrots and pound a it all together.
4. Remove onto plate and sprinkle on the peanuts.
5. Enjoy with some white cabbage and herbs.

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